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Widen your range of connected services. The R-LINK Store is home to a wide range of services for improving your experience on board.

Are you going abroad? Purchase the maps for the country to simplify your travels.

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    Coyote driving assistance system

    With the help of a community of over five million users in Europe, Coyote for R-LINK informs you in real time of hazards and disruptions on your route, such as permanent and temporary dangers, accidents, traffic jams, any objects on the roads, and so on. You'll drive more safely and adapt your driving with the 30 km hazard forecast and unrivalled reliability! 

    TomTom real-time traffic information

    Refreshed every two minutes, this is the best traffic information system on the market. TomTom Traffic covers 99% of all roads. Accurate and reliable thanks to its multiple sources of information, and in production for three years on vehicles with R-LINK installed, it will save you significant time when travelling. You can renew your version of the system via the store.


    15% of roads in Europe change each year. Take to the road with confidence: map updates are free for three years following the purchase of your new vehicle. Are you going abroad? Purchase the maps for the country to simplify your travels.

    Applications for driving

    Explore our applications designed to make your life easier. The email application for R-LINK reads your emails aloud so that you don't have to take your eyes off the road; the Renault Assistance application will find you the country's emergency number should you need it; and the Yellow Pages application finds and directs you to the nearest pharmacy. It's simple! Install them on board via the R-LINK Store.

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